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Appliance Repair

We’ve all had the days were everything seems to be falling apart.  The baby is crying, the dog just dug through the garbage, the family is coming for dinner, and the oven just won’t turn on.

At County-Appliance, we understand the curve balls that life can throw at you.  Let us check one item off of your list of frustrations.  We specialize in providing fast, friendly service for all of your home appliances. Whether you need a certified repair on a name-brand appliance, a high-quality replacement part, or just some appliance cleaning or maintenance, we can help. We can even provide same-day service for most repairs.

Before you give up on your noisy, broken, or inefficient appliance, let us take a look and see what we can do to fix it. We always like to save customers from the expense of buying a new appliance if their old one can be repaired.

We Service & Sell Parts for Most Types of Appliances Including:

We Service & Sell Parts for Most Makes & Models